A Guide To Using Our Wax Melts

Written by Scott Fellows


Posted on April 23 2021

     In this article we have set out a simple guide to using our soy wax melts to ensure you get the most from them. Follow this guide and your space will be smelling Cushty in no time!


     Our melts come in 3 different sizes for our pots. Sample Pop Shots which are our smallest pot but superb for sampling new products. Snap Pots are the next size up and our go to size once you have found the scents you love. Our Large Snap Pots are for when you just can't enough of a scents and you just need more melt for your buck


     A question we get asked almost daily and honestly, the answer all depends on your burner. So because we don't know your burners shape, size, material or heat source for this guide we are going to give you a great starting point which will work fine for most burners, however you may need to add more if you aren't getting the best from you burner.

     Using Pop Shots - Simply pop the entire Pop Shot into your wax burner dish. We never recommend using anything less than the whole melt to get the most out of our wax melt.

     Snap Pots - Start with 2 segments in your burner, this is often enough to get great results from our melt, however, depending on your burner variants you may wish to add another segment

     Large snap pots - Even though the segments in this size variant are bigger we still recommend starting with two and adding more if you need to. Since they are bigger there is less chance you'll need to add anymore


     Writing an article to cover all wax burner brands, types, shapes, sizes and heat sources would be as confusing to read as it would be for us to write. Overall its about some careful trial and error to get the burn just right for your melter

     Add more wax - If you think your scent is burning off too quick then you can add 1 or 2 more segments to your burner dish. The more wax above your heat source the cooler it will burn, too much wax can have the negative effect by not giving off a strong enough throw as the wax is too cool. Too much wax can often cause the wax to congeal or to have unmelted areas.  

     Use a 4 hour tealight - If you're using a tea light then ensure you are using a 4 hour tealight, using an 8 hour one could lead to over heating the wax for too long. This is opposite of above, too much flame to the recommended amount of wax can lead to the wax being too hot. You would certainly want to change the tealight to a 4 hour before you go adding more wax as it will usually be the tealight causing the issue

     Change burner location - This one is often overlooked and isn't always obvious but if you burner is situated near a draft, an open window or a cool window (mainly in Autumn and Winter) this can lead to you burner melting cooler than normal or to the scent being blown away from the burner. There can also be what we call a scent trap. Using your melts underneath a shelf, a kitchen cabinet and inside a shelving unit to name a few can prevent the throw from travelling around the room as much as it could. Simply try using your burner somewhere else away from cool spots or scent traps

     Change your burner type - This one is absolutely last resort but changing your burner could be what you need to do to get the best results. If you're using an electric burner and its not getting hot enough you may wish to try a traditional tealight burner. If you are using a tea light burner you may want to try an electric burner

We hope that this guide has been helpful to you. There are lots of variables when melting but with this bit of help we hope you have been able to find the best set up that works for you :)



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