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Written by Scott Fellows


Posted on May 27 2021

Cushty Co has turned 4. What an incredible journey we have been on and we know that there will be some of you who have been with us since the start and have witnessed our entire journey along with us. 
We are extremely grateful of every single customer, new and old. We are truly humbled by everyone who has supported the brand in any way over the last 4 years. It's because of you that we are where we are today and we are proud that you choose to shop with us and use our fragrances in your homes.
If you didn't know or you're new around here we started our journey in a small spare bedroom at home. Laura would stay up late pouring small batches of melts to sell on her Etsy store.

From there things began to snowball, we began to grow a customer base on Etsy and so we decided to build our own website. In a short period of time Laura had taken over the garage space at home and more time was needed to keep up with the demand!


Our social media was growing rapidly, we had hundreds of returning customers and Lauras dream was becoming a reality. We needed more space to store more stock and to speed up our work flow. We decided the best option was to build a workshop in the garden.

A lot has changed over the years. How we do things, what they look like and the fragrances but one things always stay the same, we always strive to make the best home fragrance products to make your home smell Cushty.

At the beginning of this year we added a new chapter to the story by moving to our 2000sqft warehouse allowing us to employ staff and improve our work flow. 

Sometime we have to pinch ourselves when we look back at where we began, but one thing is for sure we haven't forgotten where it all started and how far we have come.

How long have you been using Cushty Co? We'd love to know in the comments

Here is to another 4 years of Cushty Co and making your home smell Cushty!

Laura, Scott, The Kids & The Cat



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