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Getting Started With Wax Melts

Written by Laura Fellows


Posted on April 21 2021

     In the past many have stuck with the traditional scented candle when freshening up their home or a space. These days that tradition has been broken and millions of people are choosing wax melts to scent their living space. If this is your first time using wax melts, or you'd like to learn more about how they work then you're in the right place. Here we are going to walk you through our quick guide to setting up your burner and melting your first wax melt.


     A wax melt burner/melter/warmer - Wax burners come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, materials and heat sources. We won't go into the pros and cons for each burner type in this article but its the primary item needed to use your melts, without it you'll be left stiffing your unmelted wax from your hands.

     A tealight - If you are using a tealight burner, you're going to need a tealight to heat up your burner to melt the wax. We always recommend a 4 hour over a 8 hour tealight every time. 

     A wax melt - The fun part, the wax. The part where you get to choose the fragrance you love for your space. If you've not tried our range before it may be worth using a few of our smaller Pop Shots to sample some of our range. If you're dead set on particular scents our Snap Pots are great value. Our Signature range boasts over 50 fragrances to choose from all year round.


   1) Using a wax melt could not be easier. If you are using one of our Pop Shots simply pop the entire melt into the top melting dish of the burner. If you're using our Snap Pots, use around 2 to 3 segments. 
   2) If you are using a tealight burner, ignite your tealight wick and pop it inside the wax melt burner at the back. Using an electric burner? Simply turn it on and away you go.
   3) After around 15 - 30 minutes your wax should be fully or almost fully melted and you'll be able to smell the aroma in you desired location. If you are using an electric burner melting times may differ depending on brand and power.


     At some point you'll want to change the scent in your burner and you'll need to give it a quick clean out. Every burner is different and the way you do this is different for each type and we'll cover that in a different article, especially the cleaning process. 

You will need

  • Cotton Wool Balls
  • A bin close by
  • kitchen roll

     Extinguish the heat source and use a couple of cotton wool balls when the wax is fully melted and soak up the wax and discard it in the bin. TIP hold a piece of kitchen roll under the used cotton wool ball to avoid any dripping on your surfaces, floor or clothing. Avoid putting pressure on the melting dish especially in glass burners. This method works on all burners and gives you a simple way to clear out wax without having to do a deep clean of the burner. Perfect for switching scents quickly.

     Please note that you must be very careful when doing this as it can sometime be very easy to damage the burner. It's important to switch off the heat source/blow out the tealight just before carrying out this task to avoid dry heating the wax dish or burning yourself.

     And that's it! Now you know the basics of using a wax melt. Keep checking back for articles similar to this one that will help you get the most from our melts and make your home smell Cushty

     If you have any questions about this article why not drop us a comment below and we will get back to you :)



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