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Happy Earth Day

Written by Scott Fellows


Posted on April 22 2021

   Earth day is a great opportunity for us to think about our planet and to reflect on the measures that we have taken to help make a positive impact on this ball of rock flying through space that we call home.

   Small businesses often draw the short straw with limited suppliers and resources but we do the best we can with what we have got. Here is a list of some of things that we do to ensure we continue to make brand eco-conscious 


   Since the beginning we have never used plastic postage bags or plastic jiffy bags, we've always used cardboard. Not only because it's safer for your products but because it can be reused or recycle by our customers. Bags would just go in the bin and straight to landfill which is no good!


   Instead of using polystyrene chips, bubble wrap or plastic air bags to keep your products safe when in transit, we use starch peanuts (the white fluffy things in your parcel) They are biodegradable and react instantly with water, a lot of our customers wash them down the sink.


   In June of 2020 we took the decision to ditch all glitter from our products. Micro plastics like glitter are the hardest if not impossible to clean up and we didn't want to contribute to that any longer. Whilst sometimes we miss the glittery goodness we know that we are doing good by not using it and our melts smell just as good as they always have.


   We get deliveries of all shapes and sizes, many of which arrive in cardboard boxes. We have ensured that we get the biggest cardboard recycling bin that we can get to ensure we can recycle 100% off the cardboard we get through.


   Every little attempt to doing good is good, right? Our wax arrives in giant bags and we reuse those bags in all the bins around our warehouse. It saves us having to go purchase a separate roll of bin liners and it gives the bags another purpose.


   Did you know that our plastic wax melt pots are made from PET (same as some shampoo bottles and soaps dispensers) and PP (like yoghurt pots and butter tubs), these are both widely recycled plastics. Check with your local authorities to see where and how they can be recycled. 


   We've spent a long time coming up with a way to offer a eco-friendly option and we are delighted to let you know that we will be showcasing this new product in the coming weeks, we are so excited for this breakthrough!

   None of us are perfect, but any small change we can do in our personal lives or our business life could make all the difference if enough of us got behind it. Is there something more that you could be doing to help our planet? Maybe walk to work one day out of five? Cycle to work on dry days? Recycle and compost more? Purchase a reusable coffee cup? There are so many little things we could do and if millions of us took on a new habit we would be one step closer to making earth more sustainable, together. 

Happy Earth Day from Cushty Co



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