As a company we are operating as normal across all our operations. However, there are some changes and delays that are out of our control. 

Due to the pandemic there has been and could be delays on our ingredients and packaging due to high global demand from our suppliers. We try to find ways around these delays but if it ultimately affects the quality of our products then we are forced to wait it out. You may see a number of items not in stock, this is usually due to oils not being available to us at that current time. 

Delivery times have also been affected greatly. With online shopping increasing massively since Spring 2020 couriers and Royal Mail have struggled to cope with the heavy influx on their procedures. Now in 2021 things have gotten a little better as couriers and RM have taken measures to better their services. This does not mean that customers don't experience delays from time to time. standard delivery times in the UK are around 2 - 7 days currently, whilst express our option is around 1 - 3 days. 

International orders have been severely delayed in some countries either due to COVID or BREXIT. Depending on your location parcels are arriving between 7 days and 6 weeks.

We will continue to do our best for our customers throughout this pandemic and get orders out in a timely manner. Sadly, we cannot control any delays from our delivery partners.

We are currently unable to chase up royal mail for delayed parcels as their phone lines have a 60 to 90 minute wait time and since we don't have an office team, it's just not possible for us to do this.

This is a difficult time for all of us but together we can get through this

Stay safe

Cushty Co