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Pearl Pink Glass Tealight Burner

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Gorgeous iridescent effect pink glass tealight burner, suitable for wax melts. Perfect addition to your home, simple yet elegant. Available in three colours.

Please take care during use, and do not leave unattended when lit, we recommend using standard tea lights, which usually last around 4 hours. Using 8 hour tea lights are not recommended as the flame can be larger and cause the burner to overheat. Overheating can not only be dangerous, but can also burn off the scent in your wax melt far quicker.

To remove your wax from the burner, place a tea light inside the burner between 30-60 seconds. Once the edges have melted enough, you should be able to pop the set wax out of the burner with ease. This requires no pressure, please test by pressing the edge of the set wax gently, if it doesn’t move, wait another 20-30 seconds to melt a little more and try again, repeat if necessary. Putting any pressure on the glass burner can cause it to shatter. Alternatively you can wait for the wax to fully melt, and soak up with cotton wool and dispose of. Changes of extreme temperatures can break the glass so please keep out of the way of draughts.


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